June 17, 2024

Hyosung TNC Expanding Production Of Spandex For Diapers

Hyosung TNC has plans to expand production facilities of spandex for diapers, including polymerisation processes, at its spandex plants in India and Turkey by February 2025.

The investment aims to increase supply stability for the rapidly growing demand for diaper spandex in India’s domestic market and in global markets such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The South Korean company plans to increase its diaper spandex capacity by 11,000 tons by 2026 by expanding its production in India and Turkey, which currently have an annual capacity of 73,000 tons.

With this investment, Hyosung TNC will expand its production of diaper spandex to India and Turkey, which were previously only produced at a few plants in Gumi, Korea, and Zhuhai and Jiaxing, China.

This is in response to the global pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war, which have destabilised supply chains and increased demand from global customers for stable supply chains.

“With this investment, Hyosung TNC expects to respond quickly to market needs by speeding up production and supply,” the spandex producer said in a press release.

The company also plans to reduce additional costs such as logistics and customs duties to expand its market dominance.

“We will continue to lead the global market with a stable supply chain and optimized quality in the diaper spandex sector, where demand is growing rapidly,” Kim Ki-Hyung, CEO of Hyosung TNC said.

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