April 23, 2024

Indian Market Has Shown Promising Growth And I Foresee Even Greater Potential Ahead: Regina Brückner

Brückner is not just about selling machines; the company aims to be integral to the entire setup, assisting its customers in achieving optimal results from the outset, says Regina Brückner, in this exclusive tete-e-tete with Textile Insights

How did you find the Bharat Tex exhibition?
I was genuinely taken aback and overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response and the stunning array of booths showcasing the diverse offerings from Indian exhibitors. I must say, it’s truly an amazing show.

What types of sustainability-themed innovations have you observed at the exhibition? What stands out to you in terms of innovation?
While I didn’t have the chance to visit numerous booths due to customer visits, but sustainability seems to be the overarching theme everyone is focusing on. Many exhibitors are actively engaging in initiatives such as zero discharge, transitioning away from coal and adopting energy-saving practices or process improvements. It’s encouraging to hear firsthand from customers about these efforts.

How is Brückner contributing to sustainability?
Beyond just selling machines, Brückner provides comprehensive technology solutions to its customers. One such innovation is our digital setup, known as Expertex. This digital product allows us to create a digital twin of the customer’s machine. With this digital twin, we can offer insights on how to enhance productivity while simultaneously reducing speed or adjusting heat settings to conserve energy. We aim to optimize various machine settings so that customers can fully utilize their equipment. It’s a valuable initiative considering that many customers, not just in India but globally, may not be fully leveraging the capabilities of their machines.

How do you perceive the market in India, especially considering last year’s performance?
The Indian market showed promising growth last year and I foresee even greater potential ahead. With an increasing number of individuals entering the finishing or processing sector, there’s a significant opportunity for expansion. Our goal is to actively participate in this growth as a technological partner to our customers. We’re not just about selling machines; we aim to be integral to the entire setup, assisting our customers in achieving optimal results from the outset.

Are there any upcoming innovations from Brückner that you’d like to share?
Absolutely, we have a continuous stream of new products in development. One exciting innovation is our power dry Relaxation dryer, specifically designed for knit goods. This dryer focuses on achieving high productivity while minimizing energy consumption—a significant step forward in efficiency. Additionally, we’re expanding our offerings in coating units and other technologies tailored for technical textiles, an area where we excel. In response to evolving energy needs, we’re introducing various heating systems, including electric, gas-electric combinations, and steam-electric hybrids, catering to both new and existing machinery. We firmly believe in the potential of refurbishing and modernizing older machines with upgrades like new frequency converters and enhanced drives to ensure they remain competitive and effective in today’s market.

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