December 6, 2023

Inditex’s Green Supply Chain Gets A Boost From Circulose Innovation

Inditex, a leading fashion group, is taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future by incorporating Circulose into its collections. Circulose is a pioneering textile pulp produced by Renewcell, a Swedish company, using recycled cotton textile waste. This decision aligns with Inditex’s commitment to utilize textile raw materials with a reduced environmental impact by 2030.

Inditex has entered into an agreement with Tangshan Sanyou, a fibre producer responsible for converting Circulose pulp into textile fibre. This partnership will enable Inditex’s suppliers to access the first 2,000 tonnes of raw material, which consists of a blend of Circulose and sustainably-sourced cellulose from well-managed forests.

Renewcell has recently launched its first large-scale production plant for Circulose, a groundbreaking textile pulp created through a chemical process that recycles cotton waste. Inditex plans to gradually introduce this fully-recycled pulp into its fabrics in the upcoming seasons, leveraging its extensive network of suppliers.

The integration of this innovative fibre into Inditex’s product lines represents a crucial step in the company’s strategic roadmap to fulfill its pledge of using textile fibres with a lower environmental footprint by 2030. The company aims to have at least 25% of its fibres sourced from next-generation fibres, even those not yet in industrial production, in alignment with the sustainability goals promoted by Canopy, which advocates for next-generation cellulose fibres.

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