April 22, 2024

Itema Showing Latest Rapier Weaving Machines At ITMA Asia

Itema a manufacturer of advanced weaving machines will display the new rapier weaving machines R9500EVO and GalileoRX for first time at ITMA Asia in hall 3, stall D-08.

Altogether, the Italian company will be showing 13 Itema weaving machines at the exhibition in its stall as well at its partner stalls also in hall 3.

The new Itema rapier weaving machine R9500EVO of 2,200 mm width will be weaving wool fabric and will feature the iSAVER fancy, one of the new versions of the iSAVER range, available in up to 6 colours.

Applications include luxurious fabrics such as wool, cashmere and wool blends, while also significantly increasing the contribution to sustainable weaving.

A GalileoRX rapier weaving machine of 2,300 mm will be weaving denim double stretch fabrics and will also be equipped with iSAVER eco, the iSAVER model fine-tuned to weave denim.

The second GalileoRX in 2300 mm weaving width, will be weaving garment fabrics.

The Itema R90002, 1900 mm and 2300 mm for labels and Itema GalileoRX, 1900 mm for shoes, will be on display at Huzhou Hyundai (Julibao) booth in hall 2, stall C-03.

While another Itema R90002 of 1900 mm for shoe fabrics will be displayed in the Tongxiang booth in hall 3, stall E-04.

Saree fabrics will be on show in four different partner booths, including the Itema GalileoRX, 3800 mm at the Song&Song booth in hall 3, stall A-23

The Itema GalileoRX, 3800 mm, at the Qihui stand in hall 3, stall C-23 and at the Huiling booth and the Itema R90002 of 3,800 mm at Jiabao stand in hall 3, stall D-22.

The Itema GalileoRX of 3,400 mm will be weaving apparel fabrics in WuMu booth in hall 3, stall D-28 and the GalileoRX of 2,400 mm will be featured at the Lilai booth and will be producing labels

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