July 15, 2024

New Accotex Cots Increase Grinding Intervals By 50%

The latest cots, ACC64 and ACC68 launched by Accotex, a division of Rieter offers benefits from an increase of up to 50 percent in grinding intervals for compact spinning.

These two cots also offer spinners full flexibility due to their front-delivery roller interchangeability on Rieter compact-spinning machines.

With enhanced elasticity, reduced dynamic deformation and increased mechanical stability, the ACC64 and ACC68 cots can process fine to coarse yarns from any raw material.

Made of premium and innovative compounds, the ACC64 and ACC68 cots, with 64 and 68 shore A hardness respectively, offer outstanding anti-lapping properties and do not require UV treatment.

A unique elastomeric structure which leads to increased mechanical stability and enhanced elasticity, the Accotex ACC64 and ACC68 display a unique grooving performance which leads to up to 50 percent higher lifetime.

But at the same time the new ACC64 and ACC68 offer the same yarn quality and grinding ease as the other Accotex cots.

The ACC64 and ACC68 are suitable for any type of staple fibre and yarn count and can be run on both front and delivery position.

Depending on the yarn count and type of fibre, the cots can be switched easily from front to delivery roller and vice versa and additionally cot maintenance is reduced and machine downtime minimised.

This gives spinners high flexibility to adjust the machines to specific yarn counts and fibres without changing the cots, thus ensuring the best possible yarn quality and lifetime.

Normally to reduce lapping behavior, an anti-lapping solution like UV-treatment is applied to cots, but due to a new polymer technology, these cots offer excellent anti-lapping properties without the need for any treatment.

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