December 4, 2023

ITME Center Inaugurated In Mumbai’s Dalamal Towers by India ITME Society

The India ITME Society marked a significant milestone as it unveiled the ITME Center on August 22, 2023, at the prestigious Dalamal Towers in Mumbai. The inauguration ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chief of Honor and Chairman of the World Trade Centre, along with Himanshu Kapadia, Head of Corporate Communication at Grasim Industries, Mumbai. The event also saw the presence of prominent figures such as Rupa Naik, Executive Director of World Trade Centre India, S. Hari Shankar, Chairman, Ketan Sanghvi, Hon. Treasurer and Seema Srivastava, Executive Director of India ITME Society.

The inauguration ceremony was a grand affair, highlighted by the official unveiling of the ITME Center’s logo. With a visionary outlook, the ITME Center aims to establish a world-class micro exhibition facility that will serve as a virtual as well as a physical platform throughout the year. This platform will facilitate long-term exhibits, technology displays, and product launches, all at a competitive price point, thus fulfilling a crucial need in South Mumbai.

At the heart of its mission lies the ITME Center’s dedication to nurturing a culture of achievement, passion, excellence, and longevity for various entities including SMEs, MSMEs, Micro Medium Event Companies, and Associations. It is committed to providing these stakeholders with cost-effective access to top-tier amenities while offering unparalleled experiences for hosting trade events, conventions, meetings, and a wide array of industry activities.

Functioning as a versatile space, the ITME Center is poised to accommodate B2B meetings, press conferences, product launches, memorial lectures, staff training programs, arbitrations, art and retail-themed exhibitions, book launches, training and skill development programs, fashion label launches, and technical workshops.

Architectural Design Practitioner Om Merchant took the opportunity to showcase the intricate design and state-of-the-art facilities of the ITME Center, shedding light on its creation process and multifaceted offerings.

Recognizing the dedication and tireless efforts of those who worked relentlessly behind the scenes, the India ITME Society took a moment to appreciate and felicitate these unsung heroes who contributed to readying the center over the span of the last four months.

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