July 13, 2024
Product Launch & Innovation

Lenzing Unveils Sustainable Black Towel Collection

Lenzing, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibres, has unveiled its latest Black Towel Collection, crafted with TENCEL Modal and LENZING ECOVERO Viscose branded black fibres. Designed in collaboration with Veritas Tekstil, this collection introduces six essential everyday personal care items that cater to modern consumers’ needs for quality sustainable products across various aspects of daily life.

The collection includes washable and reusable face and body care essentials such as makeup removal pads, makeup removal towels, gym towels, bath towels, hand towels, hair bonnets and beach towels. Each item is engineered for durability and enhanced with softness, ensuring comfort even after repeated washes. The blend of cotton and specialty fibres not only maintains softness but also supports responsible production practices, sourced from certified wood and processed with significant reductions in carbon emissions and water consumption.

A standout feature of the Black Towel Collection is its vibrant black colour achieved through a spin-dyeing technique. This process integrates black colour pigments directly into the fibres during production, eliminating the need for post-dye rinses and reducing energy and water usage by 50% compared to conventional dyeing methods. The result is long-lasting colour intensity that withstands multiple washes, ensuring towels retain their aesthetic appeal and performance over time.

Ebru Bayramoglu, Head of Global Business Development in Lenzing’s textiles division, emphasized the environmental benefits of the collection, stating, “As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability in their personal care choices, Lenzing is proud to offer an eco-friendly alternative with our Black Towel Collection. Developed in collaboration with our partners, these towels not only minimize environmental impact but also deliver exceptional comfort and durability.”

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