July 16, 2024

Lenzing’s Tencel Fibre Engineered To Create Stretch Fabrics

Lenzing has initiated a new processing technique of Tencel lyocell fibres which are tailored to create stretch fabrics that enhances comfort of the wearer.

“This solution offers a fossil-free alternative that delivers exceptional stretch and recovery properties while adhering to responsible production methods,” the Austrian company said in a press release.

Lenzing’s new processing technique involves re-engineering woven fabric composed of Tencel Lyocell fibres coupled with a fabric pre-treatment.

During the wet process, Tencel fibres undergo significant swelling in diameter, leading to increased yarn crimps in the widthwise direction.

“This translates into a fabric that can stretch with enhanced recovery and does not shrink or wrinkle easily, maintaining a smooth appearance even after home laundering,” Lenzing added.

To take a step further, Lenzing extends its comprehensive support at the fabric development level to mill partners.

According to Lenzing, the stretch fabrics made using Tencel fibres meet the international standard for fabric stretch and recovery properties.

The collaboration with Lenzing will enable mills and brands to unleash unlimited design possibilities particularly in sectors such as sportswear, athleisure garments, loungewear, and home textiles.

Tencel fibres used in the stretch fabrics are derived from controlled or certified wood sources and made from a resource-saving closed-loop production process.

Additionally, the fibres are identifiable in end products and traceable back to their sources, ensuring greater accountability and transparency in the supply chain.

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