Lycra Makes Further Progress In Production Of Bio-Derived Spandex

Manufacturer of spandex fibres, The Lycra Company has made further progress in manufacturing of bio-derived Lycra fibre made with Qira.

The company has signed a letter of intent with Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC) to convert Qira, which is 1,4-butanediol (BDO) into low-impact PTMEG, the main ingredient in bio-derived Lycra fibre.

“Dairen will be the first company in the world to mass produce this low-impact bio-PTMEG at scale,” the elastane manufacturer said in a press release.

In September 2022, The Lyrcra Company and Qore announced they were joining forces and now DCC has joined this collaboration for converting Qira into bio-PTMEG.

This unique PTMEG will make up the renewable portion of Lycra fibre, accounting for 70 percent of the fibre’s content.

DCC has pioneered a technology that creates the lowest-impact PTMEG available and which is cleaner and has a lower carbon footprint than product produced with natural gas or coal.

“The LYCRA Company, Qore, and DCC are united by a shared commitment to R&D, health and safety, sustainability, and conservation,” the US headquartered added.

To mark this event, Steve Stewart, The LYCRA Company’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer presented DCC with a Green Partner Award.

The award acknowledges DCC’s ongoing sustainability efforts and commitment to creating low-impact products.

Available in early 2025, patented bio-derived Lycra fibre made with Qira will be the world’s first renewable spandex available on a large scale.

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