July 13, 2024

M&S And HSBC UK Sign Agreement To Enhance M&S Customer Experience

Marks and Spencer (M&S) and HSBC UK have signed a new agreement to improve M&S’ credit offering, payment solutions, and digital integration for M&S customers. M&S’s two million credit card users, representing about 16% of its turnover, are among its most loyal customers. The partnership aims to enhance the credit offering through M&S Bank, building on initiatives like M&S Club Rewards, which offers extra loyalty points and treat vouchers.

The agreement will integrate rewards, Sparks, digital payments and credit facilities, providing customers with a unified in-app experience for shopping, paying and redeeming rewards. Recent efforts include digitizing rewards vouchers and introducing Sparks Pay for digital payments in-store.

Katherine Carlson, Director of Financial Services at M&S, said, “This agreement will bring loyalty and digital payments together, enriching the experience for M&S Financial Services customers.”

Jose Carvalho, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC UK, added, “We’re proud of the unique offering we’ve created for M&S shoppers and look forward to further evolution.”

Paul Spencer, CEO of M&S Bank, emphasized, “We’re committed to providing an integrated customer experience, making it easier for customers to shop, pay and redeem rewards with M&S.”

This partnership signifies a joint commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to elevate the overall shopping and financial experience for M&S customers.

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