December 4, 2023
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Nike Continues To Be Most Desired Brand Among US Teens

Nike continues to be most desired brand among US teenagers for both, apparel and footwear categories, taking a 35 percent mindshare in clothing and 61 percent in footwear.

This was revealed in a bi-annual survey done by investment bank, Piper Sandler of 9,000 US teens, which also informed that teen spending dropped 1 percent to $2,316, with inflation remaining the main concern.

Nike surpassed other garment and footwear brands ahead of competitors like Converse, Crocs, and Lululemon. Nike had earlier bagged the spot in both categories in the 2021 survey.

The 2023 survey revealed that teenage boys’ spending rise 11 percent while teen girls spending dropped 8 percent over the previous 2021 survey.

Amount spent on fashion among girls declined 7 percent in 2023, but spending on accessories grew 8 percent and footwear purchases declined 5 percent, all against the earlier survey.

19 percent of teenagers named Coach as the top handbag brand, Louis Vuitton by 11 percent, Kate Spade by 10 percent, Michael Kors by 8 percent and Chanel 6 percent.

Coach continued to retain the first place; however Michael Kors slipped in popularity from second place in the 2021 survey to fourth this year.

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