April 17, 2024
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Pointcarre Revolutionizes Textile Design With Launch Of ‘Design Maker’ AI

Pointcarre has introduced ‘Design Maker’ AI, revolutionizing textile design with custom patterns, Jacquard and colour separation.

Pointcarre, a leader in textile design software for 35 years, has announced the launch of its innovative update, introducing the ‘Design Maker’ AI into its already powerful software. Compatible with both Mac and PC, Pointcarre has continuously simplified and automated the most demanding tasks in textile ndesign, allowing designers to focus on what truly matters: creativity.

The latest version of Pointcarre is not just an update; it’s a revolution in textile design workflow, offering unprecedented capabilities with its generative artificial intelligence, ‘Design Maker’. This AI has been meticulously developed to meet the specific needs of textile designers, surpassing the usual random image generation found in standard AIs. ‘Design Maker’ excels in creating repetitive patterns and supports various formats, allowing designers to import their unique style for truly custom creations.

Additionally, ‘Design Maker’ integrates seamlessly with Pointcarre’s Jacquard Maker and ColorSep modules, catering to both Jacquard and digital/rotary printing needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that every designer’s requirements are met instantaneously, setting a new standard in the industry.

“Tremendous progress has been made in the past few months, positioning us as the first to introduce an AI dedicated to textile design. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement,” stated Freddy Brault, CEO of Pointcarre. He further added, “Our development team’s creativity knows no bounds, and they’re already planning further groundbreaking features that the textile design sector eagerly anticipates.”

Pointcarre remains committed to its mission of simplifying textile design work, allowing users to spend more time on creative and colour variations. With each annual release packed with new, extraordinary features, Pointcarre continues to facilitate the work of textile designers worldwide.

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