April 17, 2024

Santoni Shanghai Bags Regulatory Approval For Acquiring Terrot

Santoni Shanghai Knitting Machinery has received regulatory approval from the Chinese government for its proposed acquisition of Terrot GmbH, a leading manufacturer of circular knitting machines in Germany.

“The integration of Terrot into the Santoni ecosystem is projected to increase Santoni’s production capacity and boost its market share,” the Santoni Shanghai said in a press release.

“And in conjunction with other strategic objectives, firmly solidify Santoni’s position as the leading manufacturer in the industry, with unrivaled scale, depth of innovation and expertise,” the company added.

Santoni has pursued an Ecosystem Strategy in recent years, aiming to unify a highly fragmented industry and enhance innovation, sustainability and digitalization to more effectively meet market needs.

The deployment of both parties’ latest innovation practices, textile automation offerings, integrated enterprise services, C2M solutions, and a platform for designers – ‘Materialliance’.

This will allow Santoni Shanghai and Terrot to connect and bridge demand and offer of circular knitted products, delivering substantial added value to clients.

By incorporating Terrot’s offerings, particularly in the double jersey and jacquard sector, Santoni stands to gain a competitive edge in offering high-efficiency machines known for their superior performance, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Following the acquisition, Terrot will continue to operate under the leadership of managing directors Robert Czajkowski and Dirk Lange.

Santoni Shanghai plans to maintain Terrot’s headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany, along with its facilities, brands, and practices.

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