July 16, 2024

Donear Group Appoints Aakash Mishra As AVP – Group Brand Marketing

Textile and apparel conglomerate Donear Group has appointed Aakash Mishra as AVP – Group Brand Marketing. Mishra will spearhead marketing efforts for Donear, Grasim BTL and OCM. With an extensive portfolio including brands like NeoStretch, Donear Suitings and Grado, the group aims to reinforce its market presence.

Mishra brings valuable experience from World Wide Media and Times Group to his new role. Donear Group recently acquired Mayur Fabrics and PV Suiting Global distribution network from RSWM Ltd, signaling its strategic expansion.

Director Rahul Rajendra Agarwal said, “It is very exciting and at the same time inspirational for us to focus on our own businesses – yarn and fabrics, respectively. We find ourselves committed to construct further on Mayur brand and make it an integral brand of the Donear group and strive to take it to the next level of success. Substantiating our mission of standing tall as a textile and apparel global conglomerate, we aim to grow from strength to strength with Mayur and PV Suiting distribution network on our side. This highly scalable and sustainable infusion will serve as our next giant growth engine to further enrich our portfolio and expand the market share of branded fabrics offering.”

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