June 17, 2024

Savio Showing Proxima Smartconer & Lybra Smartspinner At ITM

Savio’s newest automatic winder Proxima Smartconer and air-jet spinning machine Lybra Smartspinner will be presented at ITM 2024 exhibition at the Vandewiele Group booth in Hall 7, Booth 710A.

Savio will display its latest product range solutions which include winding, twisting and air jet spinning innovations and which testify Savio’s dedication to innovation technology and strong partnerships.

According to a Savio press release, the new winding machine Proxima Smartconer is setting the benchmark in Savio automatic winding.

“Proxima Smartconer is a high-tech winding machine, capable of perfectly adapting to demands of connectivity, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things,” the company added.

Thanks to the innovations, spinners will get a machine featuring high-tech capabilities primarily due to a design with a strong focus on increasing a customer’s competitive advantage.

They include high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity.

Proxima Smartconer has been designed with foremost attention to the customer’s needs in the optimal utilisation of a winding machine.

While, Lybra Smartspinner, Savio’s air-jet spinning machine has been developed with an original spinning technology to serve customers in specific applications like knitting, home textiles, sunshades.

“Air-jet spun yarn has a soft and smooth character, perfectly adapting to creating functional and fashionable fabrics,” Savio stated.

With Lybra Smartspinner, Savio wants to offer customers a versatile, flexible, cost saving and easy-to-use machine.

Air-jet spinning offers yarn manufacturers the opportunity to produce yarn at high production rates and low processing costs.

Space needed for air-jet spinning is 25-30 percent less than for ring-spinning equipment but production is similar to ring spinning.

Also, a smaller area requires less climate control and reduced operating personnel. This results in further substantial savings, maximising the return on investment.

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