July 16, 2024

SGS & FibreTrace Developing New Fibre Integrity Protocol

A new Fibre Integrity Protocol for the textile industry will be developed through a partnership of SGS and FibreTrace. FibreTrace is a digital and physical traceability provider in traceable fibre technology.

According to SGS, the partnership will support brands worldwide to strengthen confidence in product claims made across a range of materials through the integration of traceability technologies, such as FibreTrace Mapped and FibreTrace Verified, with robustly audited pathways.

“Work has begun on the development of the protocol which will combine testing, verification, chain of custody checking and product markers,” SGS said in a press release.

To further enhance the robust implementation of verification and compliance across the full value chain, SGS is also supporting FibreTrace to support suppliers to demonstrate compliance and accurate reporting within the FibreTrace digital platform.

SGS will review the compliance and traceability of fibres and materials prior to the application of FibreTrace physical technology at recycled polyester collection points.

SGS will also help brands and retailers to carry out on-site scanning and to verify fibres with the use of FibreTrace physical and digital technology.

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