July 13, 2024
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SHEIN Launches SHEIN Exchange Resale Platform In Europe And UK

SHEIN has expanded its SHEIN Exchange resale platform to Europe and the UK, starting with France. The platform allows users to buy and sell previously owned SHEIN products through the SHEIN app. Following France, the platform will roll out in the UK and Germany in subsequent phases.

With a streamlined interface, the SHEIN Exchange feature simplifies the resale process by pre-populating a list of the user’s previous purchases, making listing products quick and easy. Customers can also use search and filter tools to explore pre-loved styles available for sale.

The extension of SHEIN Exchange follows its successful launch in the U.S. in October 2022, attracting over 4.2 million new users and listing over 115,000 pre-owned items for sale in 2023.

SHEIN’s Director of Sustainability, Caitrin Watson, highlighted the company’s commitment to circular practices, aiming to integrate recycled materials and extend product lifecycles. The expansion of SHEIN Exchange aims to encourage more customers to participate in the circular economy and promote the environmental benefits of shopping second hand.

Studies conducted in 2023 revealed strong customer interest in circular practices, with clothing donation and peer-to-peer resale online being the top choices. Nearly half of respondents from the UK, France, Germany, and Brazil expressed motivation to buy second-hand clothing online due to their commitment to sustainability and circular fashion.

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