December 4, 2023

Slack & Parr Showing Spin Finish Pump For Polyester At ITMA Asia

UK based Slack & Parr will showcase Spin Finish Pump for polyester alongside high-accuracy metering capability for speciality fibres at ITMA Asia in hall 7, stall 21

This is the first time the company has brought its newly redesigned SPO Spin Finish Pump to the Asia-Pacific market, since the technology was launched at ITMA 2023.

The pump has been re-engineered with fewer components and a modular design that is simple and cost-effective to operate and maintain but capable of very high levels of accuracy.

It has been developed for the application of finish emulsions onto filaments typically used in hot-melt manufacture of POY and FDY polyester yarns.

Featuring a compact design and robust build, it is used to meter and apply oil-based emulsions onto yarns to improve efficiency in downstream processes and offers capacities down to 0.014cc/rev with very high accuracy including at low speeds.

Slack & Parr supplies its high-accuracy gear metering pumps to all areas of the manmade fibre market where they are used for high-quality yarns including acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex, and aramid.

At ITMA Asia, the company will also highlight its precision metering capability for speciality fibres including carbon fibre, recycled polymers, and industrial yarns such as tire cord.

“Matching our metering technologies to the exact needs of our customers’ businesses is an important part of what we do,” explains Slack & Parr’s Global Sales Director Paul Wykes.

Founded in 1917, Slack & Parr is a global market leader in the manufacture and supply of high precision gear metering pumps, rotary hydraulic flow dividers and industrial dosing pumps.

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