April 20, 2024

Smartex Unveils Report To Modernising Textile Factory

Smartex has released its first comprehensive report on ‘The Modern Textile Factory’ authored by Max Easton, Global Innovation Director at Smartex, which showcases a wealth of insights from a global team of experts.

Smartex is at the forefront of transforming the textile industry through the integration of Artificial Intelligence, focusing specifically on achieving zero waste and traceability in Tier 2, the most impactful step of the textile supply chain.

“After experiencing firsthand the benefits of collaboration during my time at Fashion for Good, an organisation focused on sustainable innovation in textiles, I was excited to continue this at Smartex,” Max Easton said while reflecting on the report.

He further added the focus group has brought together a wide range of experts to delve into a vital topic – the modernisation of the textile chain.

The report addresses critical questions surrounding supply chain modernisation, factory data collection, communication systems between brands and their suppliers, and the need to elevate exemplary factories without penalising their razor-thin margins.

The report organises key takeaways into a clear narrative, balancing member experience and real-life examples. Eaton acknowledges that the report doesn’t have all the answers, but believes it presents compelling ideas as economic and logical arguments for change in the textile supply chain.

Click here to download and read the full report

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