April 20, 2024

Lenzing Glances Into Future Of Fashion At Bengaluru Conclave

Lenzing, a producer of cellulose fibres hosted ‘The Lenzing Conclave’ in Bengaluru, which brought together brands, retailers, and garment manufacturers.

The objective was to exchange insights on current consumption trends and the future trajectory of textile fibres and fabrics for 2030.

“The discussions also explored the pivotal factors propelling the dynamic transformations within the industry,” a Lenzing press release said.

The showcase encompassed a comprehensive end-product display of Lenzing fibres across denim, home textile, intimate and loungewear, general outerwear, and traditional wear.

Participants got to directly experience Lenzing’s latest products and innovations.

The exhibition highlighted the Lenzing Ecovero black fibres, which is used for delivering exceptional depth of black colour in fabrics.

Also on display was the Lenzing Ecovero with Refibra technology which is another step closer to a circular economy.

“This innovative offering was in harmony with Lenzing’s dedication to sustainability and the pursuit of innovative products,” the Austrian company informed.

“We are elated by the success of the conclave, where industry experts across the supply chain gathered to envision the future of textile fibres,” Avinash Mane, Senior Commercial Director at Lenzing said.

“Lenzing maintains its leadership in sustainable solutions, exemplified by our flagship products and pioneering innovations,” Mane added.

“We take pride that our fibres are supporting brands and retailers to create innovative and sustainable fashion offerings for the Indian consumers,” he informed

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