April 20, 2024

Soorty Launches Regenerative Cotton Project In Pakistan

Soorty has launched the Soorty Regenagri Initiative (SRI) in collaboration with the Rural Education & Economic Development Society (REEDS) to advance sustainable practices in Pakistan.

The project is aimed at revitalising agricultural ecosystems through regenerative farming and promises to restore soil health, rebuild climate resilience, and create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

“Regenerative agriculture isn’t just about maintaining the status quo – it’s about actively improving soil health and biodiversity,” Project Lead on SRI for Soorty, Dr. Muhammad Yousaf said.

“With SRI, we are proving that ecological restoration and premium cotton production are not mutually exclusive goals,” he explained.

“At its core, SRI is driven by the philosophy that coexistence with nature can lead to more sustainable outcomes for the environment,” Soorty said in a press release.

This approach not only enhances soil health, conserves biodiversity, and bolsters climate resilience but also fosters community well-being.

SRI benefits the agricultural community by promoting farmer health and facilitating ecosystem restoration which is vital for ensuring long-term agricultural sustainability.

By implementing regenerative agricultural practices, SRI focuses on enhancing soil health, conserving biodiversity, reducing chemical dependency, and promoting water conservation.

With the initiative, Soorty seeks to produce cotton in a more environmentally friendly manner that fosters transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

The project also aims to uplift local farming communities by providing them with the knowledge and resources needed for sustainable cultivation, creating a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Since its inception in April 2023, the initiative has already made significant inroads, partnering with over 1,100 small-scale farmers across an expanse of approximately 5,000 acres.

These farmers are being trained in regenerative farming practices that not only yield immediate environmental benefits but also promise long-term prosperity and sustainability.

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