June 17, 2024

Spanish Company Picks Brückner’s Power-Frame Stenter Frame

Campos in Spain has chosen Brückner’s Power-Frame stenter frame with vertical transport chain, for its foray in to forward integration of its textiles fabrics plant.

Campos specialises mainly in mattress fabrics and stretchable knitted fabrics since it was founded in 1997 and is a global pioneer in ‘Damask Stretch’ fabrics.

The countered heating and ventilation elements in the Brückner Power-Frame stenter ensure a completely uniform air impingement across the entire width of the fabric.

According to the German company, the Power-Frame impresses with the highest possible drying performance and a process control system tailored to the fabric quality.

“This is due to the technically mature and proven split-flow ventilation system and low specific energy consumption,” Bruckner explained.

“An extremely robust and low-maintenance chain also ensures a long service life and low wear,” the Regina Brückner led company explained in a statement.

The decisive factor for Campos was not only the quality of the Brückner machines, but also Brückner’s company philosophy.

Campos combines technical know-how with innovation and creativity in textile design. The result is products of outstanding quality that meet even the most demanding requirements.

The company is certified according to OEKO-TEX 100, GRS and ISO 9001 and supplies customers all over the world with high-quality fabrics for mattresses, upholstered furniture, and home textiles.

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