December 6, 2023
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Stronger And Smoother: New Evolon Ultra Smooth Technical Packaging Textile

Freudenberg Performance Materials (Freudenberg) launched its latest innovation to serve the specific packaging needs of technical industries. When converted into reusable textile containers, Evolon Ultra Smooth provides premium surface protection and enhanced mechanical properties. Additionally, a 100% European, condensed supply chain brings logistics benefits.

Evolon Ultra Smooth fabrics are extremely low-linting, strong and hard-wearing. The new materials are designed for industrial parts and components which require low-friction, sliding behaviour during the part packing and handling procedures. Furthermore, they are durably hydrophobic and available in different weights. The reusable textile containers made of Evolon Ultra Smooth can be used in various industries to pack and transport even very heavy and sensitive parts without damage.

The Evolon Ultra Smooth materials have a point-sealed patterned white surface which is very different from the standard Evolon packaging textiles and which makes them easily identifiable.

Logistics benefits

Evolon Ultra Smooth materials protect the surfaces of industrial and automotive parts by avoiding micro-scratches or lint contamination. By using Evolon Ultra Smooth reusable packaging to transport parts with highly-sensitive surfaces, customers reduce the number of damaged parts and the reject rate. The innovation is available worldwide. As Evolon Ultra Smooth is 100% made in Europe, European customers benefit from even greater flexibility in the supply chain and quick go-to-market.

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