April 17, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Suominen Nubtex Micro-Dot Pattern Nonwoven For Intense Cleaning

Nonwovens fabrics manufacturer Suominen has added a new product to its Biolace product family with Nubtex micro-dot patterns, which are designed for applications with more intense cleaning.

Biolace nonwovens are produced solely from renewable raw materials, natural fibres, or fibres from renewable sources with unique texture.

According to a press release from Suominen, the unique Nubtex micro-dot pattern combined with sustainable fibres for fluid management offer an exceptional material design for difficult cleaning tasks.

“The product is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable nonwoven best suited for personal care, household, and workplace use,” the Finnish company added.

The combination of the unique pattern and sustainable fibres create an exceptional material designed to tackle difficult cleaning on hard surfaces and skin.

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