June 17, 2024

Tearfil Starts Spinnova’s R&D Spinning Line Supplied By Rieter

Tearfil mill in Portugal has inaugurated Spinnova’s R&D yarn spinning line under a yarn development agreement under which the two companies will share the capacity of the spinning line.

The spinning line machinery was delivered by Rieter and the R&D spinning line will be used for product development and testing of Spinnova fibre.

The aim is to develop the fibre to be used in different applications in commercial-scale yarn production and to streamline development work with industrial partners.

The spinning line is located in Tearfil’s facilities in the textile hub of Guimarães, Portugal, and Tearfil is responsible for operating the line.

“Yarn spinning is an important step in the development of Spinnova fibre into a commercial product that is adopted in the textile value chain on an industrial scale,” Spinnova’s Shahriare Mahmood said.

“Our own R&D yarn spinning line gives us flexibility and speed in testing fibre batches,” the Chief Product and Sustainability Officer added.

“Our aim is to produce guidelines for the industry to apply Spinnova fibre in various applications, which will be created with the help of Rieter by combining the expertise of Tearfil,” Mahmood stated.

“This partnership with Spinnova marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable innovation within the textile industry,” Maria de Belém Machado, CEO at Tearfil.

“By sharing the capacity of the spinning line, Tearfil and Spinnova are advancing the development and testing of Spinnova fibre, paving the way for its adoption on an industrial scale,” Machado too added.

“Our expertise in yarn processing combined with Spinnova’s innovative fibre technology will shape the future of sustainable textiles,” she stated.

“Rieter is pleased to contribute with its state-of-the-art machinery to Spinnova’s product development,” Franziska Häfeli, Head Sales and Marketing at Rieter too said.

“Spinnova fibre is the frontrunner in sustainable fibre innovations with the potential to become a large-scale commercial product,” she observed.

“With its in-depth textile know-how from fibre to yarn, Rieter will continue to support Spinnova in spinning a fully innovative yarn,” Häfeli observed.

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