April 22, 2024

Trützschler Group Showing Latest Technologies At ITMA Asia

The Trützschler Group at its 504 square-metre booth in Hall 8, Stall C-30, will introduce the latest technologies in spinning, card clothing, nonwovens and manmade fibres at ITMA Asia.

In spinning, on display is the TC 15 card, which has already proven very successful in the Chinese market, as well as its new global flagship in carding, the intelligent card TC 30i.

Visitors can also look forward to the third generation of its Integrated Draw Frame, the IDF3, and the world’s first 12-head comber, the TCO 21XL.

These innovations address key customer needs in fibre processing: higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and intelligent automation, while also demonstrating the potential of digital technologies for spinning mills.

Trützschler Card Clothing (TCC) will present a wide range of technologies from its clothing portfolio, covering the complete spectrum of applications in the spinning and nonwovens markets.

TCC is also focusing on recycling applications and will showcase its contribution to sustainability in the textile industry.

All features and functions are complemented by ‘My Wires’, the digital wire performance solution integrated into the Trützschler digital platform – My Trützschler.

Trützschler Nonwovens will present solutions for new and environmentally friendly wipe materials, made from pulp and other fibres from renewable resources.

Visitors are encouraged to discuss Trützschler Nonwovens’ proven Wet-Laid/Spunlace (WLS) technology and Carded/Pulp (CP) solutions along with T-SUPREMA, its needle-punching solution.

These cutting-edge machineries help in the production of geo- and automotive textiles, filter media and many more needle-punched end products.

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers will demonstrate the power of OPTIMA, a flexible platform for all types of Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) and Industrial Yarn (IDY).

The new MO60, a BCF configuration for monocolor with 6 yarn ends, and many more innovations will be on display.

In addition, Trützschler’s digital solution ‘MY OPTIMEYE’ enables customers to enter Industry 4.0 in production by offering more transparency, insight and control.

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