June 22, 2024

Trützschler TC 30i Carding Machine Offers New Features & Benefits

The next-generation Trützschler TC 30i carding machine which had captured imaginations of visitors at ITMA 2023, confirmed Trützschler as the trendsetting pioneer for textile machinery.

“From smart functions to sustainable features, the new card generated a lot of excitement,” the German textile machinery manufacturer said in a press release.

“The TC 30i offers a huge range of groundbreaking new features and fascinating details but there are three benefits that TC 30i customers are particularly excited about,” Trützschler added.

The first benefit is high levels of performance and yarn quality thanks to 35 percent more active flats and 14 percent increased carding length in combination with the intelligent gap optimiser T-GO.

The second benefit is that it is operator-independent, offering consistent results thanks to automatic and continuous carding gap setting with T-GO.

The third is that TC 30i offers economical use of raw materials, thanks to a redesigned suction system that collects different types of waste separately, which enables 50 percent of reuse of card waste.

The TC 30i also comes with the proven Wastecontrol system which is an easy-to-use and effective assurance against unnecessary fibre loss.

Trützschler is also launching a version of this card specifically developed for textile recycling and resolves technical challenges like high short fibre content, on average shorter fibres and yarn and fabric particles.

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