July 13, 2024

YarnMaster PRISMA Launches Compactness Feature For Precision Yarn Monitoring

YarnMaster PRISMA has unveiled its new compactness feature, set to transform the compact yarn spinning industry. This advanced tool offers unparalleled precision in detecting long faults, twist deviations, hairiness and compactness differences in yarn. By focusing on minimizing waste and optimizing raw material utilization, the compactness feature significantly reduces unnecessary yarn waste, enhancing efficiency and cost savings.

The compactness feature enables spinners to swiftly detect even subtle twist variations, ensuring consistent yarn quality and reducing the risk of costly complaints during the weaving process. Additionally, it helps identify and address issues in earlier production stages.

Compactness in yarn refers to the tightness and uniformity of fibres within the yarn structure. PRISMA’s dual measurement technique provides precise data on mass and diameter across the entire length of the yarn, ensuring reliable detection of compactness issues and successful production of various yarn types.

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