April 20, 2024

Trützschler Partnership Propels Zagis to New Heights of Innovation

Zagis S.A. de C.V., a family-owned spinning and knitting company located in Tepeji del Río, Mexico, boasts a rich history and harbors ambitious goals for a more sustainable future. Innovation has been central to its success over the past 60 years. Through its partnership with Trützschler, it has embraced cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing efficiency, optimizing quality, and conserving resources, including the TCO 21 comber.

As a fourth-generation business, Zagis S.A. de C.V. holds a prominent position in the Latin American textile industry. Its spinning and knitting facilities are equipped to process a diverse range of fibers, with cotton being its primary raw material alongside polyester/cotton blends. The company’s yarn portfolio includes ring, open end, and airjet spinning, with aspirations for further global success.

Operating 13 mills in Mexico, Zagis has the capacity to produce up to 200 tons of yarn and 20 tons of fabric per day, meeting international standards. Close collaboration with Trützschler has been instrumental in achieving these impressive figures. The recent addition of TCO 21 combers at its facilities marks a significant step forward, accelerating progress towards its ambitious growth plans and ensuring the production of combed yarns of the highest quality.

The TCO 21 at Zagis

Rafael Zaga Saba, CEO of Zagis and President of the Mexican Textile Association (CANAINTEX), emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality, a legacy instilled by its founder. He acknowledges Trützschler as a longstanding and trusted partner, attributing Zagis’ success to state-of-the-art technologies and exemplary technical support.

Environmental stewardship is another core focus for Zagis. Since 2020, the company has powered all its operations with renewable energy, resulting in a reduction of 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Furthermore, Zagis participates in the Cotton LEADS program, promoting sustainable cotton sourcing and production on a global scale.

(L-R) Rafael Zaga Saba, CEO, Zagis and President of the Mexican Textile Association, CANAINTEX; Frank Dederichs, Managing Director of Trützschler Mexico; Mayer Zaga Cheja, Chief Financial Officer at Zagis; Ralf Grasmehr, Trützschler Area Manager, Customer Service; Mayer Zaga Dichi, Chief Operations Officer at Zagis.

Modern equipment, including Trützschler carding machines, enables Zagis to achieve the highest quality standards while enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing waste. The TCO 21 combers at its Tepeji del Río facility produce 550 nips per hour, delivering outstanding yarn quality with minimal noil levels.

Rafael Zaga Saba highlights the shared values and vision between Zagis and Trützschler, both being family-owned businesses committed to technological innovation and sustainability. Looking ahead, Zagis aims to expand its global presence in partnership with Trützschler, meeting customer needs while minimizing environmental impact for future generations.

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