April 20, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Trützschler’s Z-Wire Solution For High Speed Web Forming

Trützschler Card Clothing has found a solution to difficulties faced during carding and web forming, when hydroentangling lines hit production speeds of up to 300 minutes per minute while producing nonwovens.

Trützschler’s Z-Wire clothing for stripper and doffer rollers empowers its customers to move forward with their ambitions for speed, efficiency and quality.

It has serrated contours to make sure fibres are continuously held in position, even at high production speeds.

The fibres are then released at exactly the right moment to be transferred and orientated.

This controlled transfer from roll to roll enables uniform web formation, while fibre fly is minimised, the risk of fibre migration is reduced and the operational reliability of the line increases.

According to the German company, these advantages make the Z-Wire the perfect fit for Trützschler Nonwoven´s NCT.

“The optimised interaction between machine and clothing enables maximum performance from high-speed cards,” Trützschler said.

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