June 17, 2024

Updates of Dornier Rapier & Airjet Weaving At Techtextil

Lindauer Dornier will be presenting numerous new and advanced technological developments for its rapier and airjet weaving machines at Techtextil in hall 12.0, Stall D-93.

“These technologies will enable fabric manufacturers to maintain reliable and flexible production even in times of diverse challenges,” the German company said in a press release.

Lindauer Dornier will be presenting an updated version of its rapier weaving machine P2, which includes a revised interface for the Dornier ErgoWeave Dialog Panel.

Its user interface has been designed to be more intuitive, making it easier to keep an eye on machine parameters, article and pattern data in future.

The new Electronic Cloth Winder (ECW) for the P2 will also be presented at Techtextil, which enables manufacturers to precisely define the winding force over the fabric length and thus have full control over the quality of the fabric from the warp to the final fabric.

The new ECW winder can also be retrofitted to existing P2 rapier weaving machines

Further developments to the A2 airjet weaving machine, which was officially launched on the market last year, will also be presented at the trade fair.

These include developments to the electronic control systems, such as electronic pressure regulation (EPR), which significantly increases the process stability of production.

Or the intelligent Electronic Valve Control (EVC+) algorithm, that automatically monitors and controls the nozzle valves.

There is also an Electronic Pressure Monitoring (EPM), which monitors the pressure level on the A2 air-jet weaving machine and thus significantly increases production efficiency and reduces downtimes.

The networking of Dornier airjet and rapier weaving machines for even more convenient management of fabric production will also be the focus at Techtextil.

With the new PC programme Dornier DoXWeave, data from Dornier weaving machines can be managed, read out, compared and created.

While the Dornier DoXNet networking solution connects weaving machines in one or more weaving sheds to form a machine network.

The software provides the user with a simple overview of the current status of all connected weaving machines via a browser-based dashboard.

The DoXNet server programme runs on the company’s own network infrastructure and does not require internet access, due to which the customer therefore has full control over sensitive production data.

“This not only shortens set-up times, but also optimises the reproducibility of the fabrics,” the manufacturer of advanced weaving stated.

To make data management more user-friendly, the user interface of the Dialog Panel for weaving machines A2 and P2 has been redesigned and is now more intuitive.

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