June 17, 2024

Uzbekistan Opening School Of Textile Equipment Technologists

UzTextile, the Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association, has announced a collaboration with Germany to open a School of Textile Equipment Technologists.

The agreement was signed during the Days of German Textile Technologies, which commenced on February 7 and this project is part of an initiative to transform the textile industry of Uzbekistan..

The German company Textima Export Import, a supplier of textile machinery, plastics and rubber processing, and pharmaceuticals, will be a key partner in this educational endeavour.

German equipment suppliers will assist in organising training, retraining, and advanced training for technologists of local textile enterprises.

“The focus will be on enabling them to work effectively with new equipment and gain hands-on experience in operating it,” UzTextile informed.

The initiative, launched jointly with the German Confederation of Engineering Companies (Gesamtmasche), aims to modernise and enhance the competitiveness of the textile industry in the country.

“In addition to the educational collaboration, UzTextile also signed a cooperation agreement with Textima Export Import,” Dariyo reported.

Ilkhom Khaidarov, the head of UzTextile, acknowledged significant contribution of German suppliers to development of the textile industry and nine-fold increase in processing volume over the past decade.

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