July 13, 2024

‘Vahdet Machines Have Removed Almost All Human Errors’, Says Muhammet Sahin

Vahdet Group is known for its 36 years of experience in circular knitting machine spare parts. Vahdet has ventured into manufacturing its own machines over the past three years, emphasizing European quality standards. In a recent conversation, Muhammet Mustafa Sahin, Project Engineer at Vahdet Tekstil Makina, dwelt on the remarkable advancements and strategic growth of the Vahdet Group.

Vahdet’s latest models, including flat fleece machine and the open width machine, were showcased at the ITM exhibition, receiving significant attention. Looking ahead, Vahdet plans to launch its interlock machines within the next three months, bolstered by strong governmental support. “We are getting many supports from the government about making machines,” Sahin shared, highlighting the ministry’s backing.

One of the key benefits of Vahdet’s new machines is their energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. “Our machine benefits the customer, saving energy and needing no technical maintenance because it has a self-cleaning system and fewer mechanical parts,” Sahin explained. Innovations such as the elimination of pulley parts and gearbox systems allow their machines to produce up to one tonne of fabric per day, with customers getting more than 80 kilos per roll.

The ITM 2024 show proved to be a success for Vahdet Group. “Many customers visit us here, and they are very impressed with the quality of our machine,” Sahin reported.

Discussing the technological advantages of their machines, Sahin emphasized the reduction of human error through automation. “In Vahdet machines, the main beneficial point is they have removed almost all the human errors. Our machines are fully automatic,” he stated. This automation extends to various aspects of the machine’s operation, from fabric take-down to setting the looper and stitch length, all managed by servo motors. This efficiency allows one operator to handle five Vahdet machines, compared to a single machine from competitors.

Furthermore, Vahdet’s machines run at an impressive 40 RPM with 100% Lycra and even in the looper fabric. “This machine is designed by the father of Pilotelli machines, Roberto Pilotelli,” Sahin proudly mentioned.

Vahdet has already made significant inroads into the Indian market. “We have already sold two machines to Mira Cotton Synthetic Mills in Silvassa,” Sahin revealed. Mira Cotton Synthetic Mills, one of India’s largest customers with 500 machines in its plant, has started a new plant of high-speed machines exclusively with Vahdet’s products.

Vahdet Group’s commitment to innovation and quality has positioned them as a formidable player in the textile machinery industry. With strong government support, advanced technology and a focus on reducing human error, Vahdet is set to make significant strides in the global market.

The Indian agent for Vahdet Group’s machinery is Cosmo Texcrop Global Pvt. Ltd, based in Mumbai. Cosmo Texcrop Global specializes in providing advanced textile machinery solutions to meet the diverse needs of the Indian market.

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