June 17, 2024

Vandewiele Showing Latest Products From Group Companies At ITM

Vandewiele will showcase the latest products, services, and technologies in the textile industry at ITM 2024 exhibition in Istanbul.

Among various technologies, Vandewiele will unveil cutting-edge carpet weaving machines at ITM 2024.

“Vandewiele’s carpet machines have consistently delivered efficiency, reliability, and supreme quality,” the Belgium based company said in a press release.

The latest offerings showcase state-of-the-art features that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and elevate carpet craftsmanship.

The first is the RCF Carpet Weaving Machine with ‘Fast Creel’ technology which achieves unprecedented speeds of up to 250 rpm and sets a new industry standard.

Its digital ‘Fast Creel’ system ensures quick colour changes, reduced machine standstill, and efficient creel adjustments.

The second is a USF Rapier Cut-Loop Machine with Fast Creel Solution, which offers versatile weave structures and precise tension control in the loops.

Carpet manufacturers can expect unmatched efficiency, increased production rates, and enhanced sustainability, while fast creel technology further optimises performance.

The HCE3+ Handlook Weaving Machine with Vandewiele U4 Jacquard introduces a new era of handlook weaving.

Equipped with Vandewiele’s U4 jacquard machines, it enables highly productive three-rapier weave structures.

Local flatweave effects open up exciting design possibilities, allowing for custom patterns and text integration.

The Aces range of weaving machines come alive with built-in sensors and analytical capabilities, reducing the need for constant human intervention and with AI, outperform traditional operator-dependent systems.
They are also seamlessly integrated into production processes and communicate and adapt in real time and are precision-driven by electrical components, eliminating mechanical inefficiencies.

Vandewiele is introducing the High-Speed Tuft (HST) Machine and is designed to meet the industry’s growing demand for high-quality and high-speed production.

Its remarkable breakthrough production speed promises unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

The HST’s advanced needle bar ensures faster and more precise tufting, enhancing overall performance and precision-driven by servo technology, the looper drive optimises tufting processes.

The Advanced Control System maximises production efficiency with intelligent control features that streamline operations.

Group company Bonas continues to build on the success of innovations in Jacquard technology.

The Bonas jacquard range, with up to 31,104 hooks in a single jacquard or 62,208 hooks when coupled, already dominates many markets in fashion, home, floor, and technical textiles.

The most compact jacquard range available, with the least mass to drive, offers lower power consumption.

Low energy consumption, even for high-speed weaving, is additionally emphasized on the Si range.

The Smart Drive is equipped with a unique feed forward system, predicting the design-related load so minimizing the over-all power consumption.

Superba a leader in heat-setting with saturated steam under pressure thanks to its well-known TVP3, is now offering the KR1, a brand-new automatic knotting system assisted by a robot.

The KR1 system can be used in many industrial branches, enables to handle, pack and label bobbins.

With this machine, Superba’s commitment is to help customers to improve their productivity thanks to an industrial robot running 24/7 and is suitable for DTY, BCF, artificial turf, tyre cord, tape and more.

Bejimac will be presenting the Autonomous Shearing Machine (ATSH) for carpets and reduces reliance on qualified operators.

Furthermore, a new singeing machine for knitwear focuses on quality, flexibility, and economy. It ensures tension-free fabric transport during singeing and meets the growing demand in knitwear.

By reducing the gas consumption in singeing a milestone has been achieved. Bejimac offers fabrics with high intensity singeing while minimising resource consumption.

In towels, the cutting-edge shearing techniques ensure impeccable results, elevating the quality of towels produced.

IRO-ROJ, a group company will show the new X4 Weft Feeders with integrated accessory display thereby setting a new feeder standard.

The current settings and any alarms can be easily monitored using the integrated display – with any required changes being easily made using the adjustment knob.

X4 feeders are available in three different versions. The first is with integrated Tension Display (TED), the second is with integrated Active Tension Control (ATC) and the third with Rapid Tension Control (RTC).

Memminger-Iro GmbH will exhibit the Storage feeder K52 / K52 ATC, which is the latest generation of high tech storage feeders, equipped with a Can Bus communication and focussed on functionality.

Highlights are the new developed spiral output brake for finer and even adjustment of yarn output tension, integrated yarn consumption measurement.

The K52 ATC is equipped with an Active Tension Control system, which ensures that the yarn output tension remains constant at the preset value, independent from external factors like size of the bobbins.

The Memminger-Iro Communication Interface MCI is designed to control storage feeders, tension-controlled feeders, motor drive systems and quality control devices produced by Memminger-Iro.

This latest generation is webserver based and it is possible to operate one machine or several machines via one panel. With the MCI, the knitter gets the maximum flexibility.

Loepfe is set to showcase the clever yarn clearing system Prisma. This system has been a huge success in Turkey’s spinning mills, delivering top-quality yarns while maximising winding machine efficiency.

Loepfe will also be highlighting their trusted rotor yarn clearing choices EOS and 3n1, known for their precision and reliability.

Visitors can also look forward to seeing the Falcon-i sensor, designed to ensure zero-defect manufacturing of technical textiles by detecting even the smallest yarn defects and irregularities.

Another must-see at the exhibition will be the CUT-it system, which offers flawless fabric separation and features intelligent cutting temperature control for precise performance.

All the Vandewiele machines can be connected through cloud computing to the ‘TEXconnect’ supervision system to comply with the Factory 4.0 concept.

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