June 17, 2024
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Dilogroup Participating At ITM & Also Organising Plant Tour

DiloGroup a supplier of complete nonwoven manufacturing lines and state-of-the-art needling lines along with group companies Temafa and Spinnbau will be at ITM 2024 in Hall 3, Booth 310A.

In addition to the five days in Istanbul, Dilo has also organised a private tour of DiloGroup’s headquarters in Eberbach to demonstrate its range of latest machines and innovations.

The complete lines and individual machinery are on display in a space of approximately 3,100 sq. metres and include the MicroPunch S research and demonstration line for needling lightweights.

These will be in a range of 35 up to 160 gsm including the MultiCard MCRR CC with FRS-P feeder have been installed for product development of hygiene, cosmetic, medical and technical lightweight nonwovens.

This line is accompanied by a Hypertex line for the production of lightweight sandwiches of reinforced nonwoven layers to increase strength and stiffness in MD and CD directions for use as needled filtration and roofing material as well as shoe and garment applications.

The layered mesh of filament or yarn is laid inline between a base and a cover of pre-needled material with speeds up to ca. 40 m/min.

The MicroPunch S intensive needling line can thus be combined with the Hypertex process to include all areas of applications for lightweights needled from fine fibre.

In Technology Centres I and II, three complete nonwovens lines are on demonstration including a 7 meter wide needling line consisting of the VQC Card (Quadro), the high speed DLSC three apron layer capable of ca. 200 meter per minute infeed speed and the 7 metre wide pre-needler.

The aerodynamic web forming section ‘additive manufacturing’ is on display through the 3D-Lofter which comprises a series of individual web formers programmable to lay down additional fibre material.

An additional feature of the 3D-Lofter is the widely enlarged patterning capability of needled felts for automotive applications or wall and floor coverings.

The 3D-Lofter offers sliding colours, geometric patterns or inscriptions for achieving most modern design styles.

The 3D-Lofter in combination with the DI-Lour process, which was also demonstrated by the DI-Lour IV double structuring system, is offering a joint technology which is particularly interesting for lightweight moulded car velours.

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