June 17, 2024

Saurer Exhibiting Energy Saving & Flexible Solutions At ITM

Saurer will present energy-saving and flexible solutions for pre-spinning, spinning, and twisting at ITM 2024 in Istanbul in Hall 7, Booth 709A.

Saurer is the sole supplier for all five end spinning applications, offering air, rotor, ring, compact, and worsted ring spinning.

Saurer’s Autoairo 11 air-spinning machine offer flexibility to process different fibres, even simultaneously, thanks to Multilot: cotton, polyester, viscose as well as new chemically regenerated fibres.

The Autoairo sets new benchmarks for producing high-quality air spun yarns named Belairo. These yarns have high pilling resistance and are very durable. The spinning process itself also sets new standards.

Compared to combed ring spun yarn, the production of Belairo yarns uses less energy, less manpower, fewer machines, and less production space, which means lower building and air conditioning costs.

Saurer presents the Zinser 51 ring spinning machine series for the first time in Türkiye and sets new standards for economical spinning.

The new suction system, combined with proven energy-saving features, reduces energy consumption.

The new NSD-i drafting system monitors all drives to ensure consistent yarn quality values over the entire machine length and speeds up lot changes.

The robust intermediate drive Flexidriver NFD ensures consistent yarn quality on extra-long machines.

High-end components such as the Texparts Eshape spindle and Spinnfinity, ideal for high-speed spinning, enable top speeds of up to 30,000 rpm.

To produce high-quality compact yarns, the new Zinser 51 can be equipped with the reliable compact units Impact FX and Impact FX pro.

The new Autocoro 11 and BD 8 rotor spinning machines save up to 10% energy compared to previous model and the ring and compact spinning machines are equipped with many energy saving features.

In twisting, energy saving spindles, optimised bearings and drive motors contribute to high energy savings and automation is leading to enhanced process control, improved quality and high productivity.

Saurer has a complete engineering department to adapt its automation solutions to the specific needs of spinning mills.

To reduce the energy consumption of existing spinning machines Saurer offers retrofit and upgrade solutions.

For specific yarns, like processing recycled fibre, retrofit kits are also available to extend the life of existing Saurer machines and implement new features.

Visitors will also be able to explore the latest Texparts product innovations in Hall 7, Booth 719A for ring-, compact- and rotor-spinning.

Saurer offers a lot of high-quality components such as high-quality drafting arms, long-lasting rings, travellers and energy-saving Eshape spindles, which can save up to 6 percent energy.

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