July 15, 2024

We Contribute To Sustainability With Use Of Recycled Materials In Our Products: Siddharth Vohra

How does Indo Rama India prioritize sustainability in its manufacturing operations, exemplified by its promotion of recycled fabrics and T-shirts at the Bharat Tex exhibition?
Indo Rama Ventures boasts nearly 140 manufacturing facilities spanning across more than 39 countries worldwide. At Indo Rama India, we specialize in manufacturing polyester filament, nylon and polyester fibre yarn. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability, we have prioritized this aspect in our operations. As evidenced by our presence at the Bharat Tex exhibition, we are actively promoting recycled fabrics. Visitors to our stall can witness firsthand our range of recycled T-shirts, all made from recycled filament yarn. We are proud to contribute to the sustainability movement by championing the use of recycled materials in our products.

How is the industry currently performing?
We’ve observed positive growth trends in the industry, particularly with the increasing demand for polyester. Despite this, we face significant challenges, notably the influx of cheaper Chinese fabric imports into the Indian market. This poses a substantial hurdle for both us and our fabric manufacturer customers. The prevalence of these imports limits our capacity utilization and impacts market dynamics. Addressing these challenges is crucial for the market’s sustained growth and our ability to operate at full capacity.

What steps should the government take to address the influx of cheap imports from China?
It’s crucial for the government to consider implementing bans because while the government has supported us by implementing BIS to control yarn imports, the direct imports of fabrics pose a significant issue. Without bans on these fabrics, the problem persists as the yarns imported will inevitably be used in fabric production. It’s essential to recognize the interconnectedness of these issues and take comprehensive action to address them effectively.

How is Indo Rama navigating capacity struggles amid challenges from imported fabrics in the Indian market?
We’re currently facing capacity struggles despite having a substantial daily capacity of 2000 tonnes at our Indo Rama Nagpur plant. The market’s difficulty, especially with the influx of imported fabrics in India, is hindering growth. While we’re encountering challenges now, future government support in addressing fabric imports could greatly alleviate the situation. Our regular customers are also feeling the pinch, as they share their challenges in procuring yarn from us to make fabric when cheaper imports are readily available to garment manufacturers. This issue directly impacts us as well, as it affects our customers’ ability to remain consistent in their purchases.

How was the response to Indo Rama at Bharat Tex?
The response at Bharat Tex was excellent. We experienced a significant footfall, and the atmosphere was very positive. The Prime Minister’s speech was particularly motivating, underscoring the importance of platforms like Bharat Tex.

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