December 4, 2023

Sun, Primary Supplier Of Yarn Guides In Replacement Market

Kindly provide a history about your company like when it was started, who started, etc.
Sun Yarnguides Industries is an Indian company that manufactures textile machinery parts. The company is based in Ahmedabad and was founded in 2016 to manufacture sheet metal and wire products for the spinning and weaving industry.

Please share details about manufacturing infrastructure and annual capacity.
We operate a fully integrated manufacturing facility having Captive Tool Room, Press Shop, Metal forming division, Metal Finishing , Metallurgical division in treating materials of different grades like Hardening, Nitro Carburising and surface treatment like Electro and Electroless plating. As for annual production, we convert about 110 tons of steel to parts.

Which are the products and solutions you offer for the market?
We offer a wide range of products and solutions for the market, our flagship product being yarn guides for all applications such as cotton, man-made fibers, flax, wool, etc. to suit spinning and twisting machines of all makes and models currently in operation.

What is the advantage of the products that you offer vis-à-vis those offered by the competition?
We produce high-precision engineering products which require a high level of tolerance. Our core strength is our experience and expertise in the textile industry for more than three decades. We focus on yarn guides as the metal part guides the yarn whether spun or twisted. We produce innovative products to suit and meet the demands of better products from the textile industry.

Please share details of your presence in the Indian domestic and export markets. Which industries do you cater to and what are the applications?
Sun Yarnguides is a primary supplier of yarn guides in the Indian replacement market. Furthermore, we export to numerous countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, where we are continuously increasing our market share

Do you have a R&D lab? Do you develop customised products.
Yes, in fact, our company’s first division was the R&D unit, which is fully equipped and staffed with professionals in the mechanical and textile industry with over thirty years of expertise. Our specialisation revolves around providing tailor-made products and solutions to our clients, with the ultimate goal of offering comprehensive one-stop end-to-end solutions.

Have you launched any new products recently or are planning to launch in the near future?
The manufacturing industry flourishes through innovation and product releases which enable companies to remain competitive, meet customer demands, and stimulate economic progress. As an organisation, we take pride in our innovative spirit and have been delivering cutting-edge products and technology to our clients since our establishment, with our latest launch being the premium range of yarn guides and Balloon Control Rings.

Any planned capacity expansion or new investments?
We have recently completed phase 1 of expansion and investment, growing to three units with independent product ranges and ample spare capacity to meet the growing demand.

Your expectations on the future growth and opportunities in the Indian textiles industry
The Indian textiles industry is poised for growth and opportunities. This is also attributed to various reasons such as the size, efficiency, and quality benchmarks of the Indian spinning sector, its significant contribution to the global yarn market, and its reputation as a reliable provider of superior merchandise. Despite facing stiff competition on a global scale, the overall trends indicate a positive outlook for the Indian textiles industry, with abundant scope for advancement and diversification.

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