June 17, 2024

Weaving Sensors Manufacturer Eltex Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Manufacturer of electronic sensors for the weaving machinery industry, Eltex of Sweden is celebrating its 60th anniversary this month.

Eltex claims that its sensor technology has made a significant contribution to enabling fault-free, high-speed production resulting in speeds growing from 150-200 picks per minute to 1,200 picks per minute.

Eltex launched the world’s first electronic weft-stop-motion to resolve detection of broken or missing weft yarns electronically during fabric weaving.

According to the company, its potential was instantly recognised at the ITMA 1963 edition, leading to the foundation of the company in a modest 12-square-metre workshop in Sweden in February 1964.

By 1968 the company was operating from a modern 3,000-square-metre plant and introducing the first all-in-one printed circuit board (PCB) for its sensor systems in 1971.

As exports increased, Eltex set up operations in the US and Ireland and expanded its product range to include energy control devices, temperature and humidity loggers, food handling safety systems, etc.

Further textile milestones include optical arrival detectors for air-jet weaving machines and the QTV system for warp preparation, which introduced digital stop-motion control to the industry.

In 2009, the company branched out into carpet tufting, first with the CoTS clamp-on tube sensor for tufting machines, followed by the Compact sensor for tufting machines in 2013.

Most recently, Eltex has launched the Eltex EyE system for the continuous monitoring of yarn tension on warp beams.

Not only does it eliminate problems when warping, but also in the subsequent weaving or tufting processes.

Eltex EyE monitors the yarn tension on all positions in real-time and a minimum and maximum allowable tension value can be set.

“If any yarn’s tension falls outside these values the operator can be warned or the machine stopped,” the company stated.

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