April 20, 2024

With Legacy Of 160 Years Benninger Specialises In Wet Finishing

Benninger specialises in machinery and solutions for both continuous and discontinuous wet finishing of woven, knitted and technical textiles.

Its heritage of 160 years is the foundation for ongoing progress, with today’s systems embracing sustainable production towards zero environmental impact for its global customer base.

As part of its customer commitment, Benninger has further grown its service teams of technicians, electricians, technologists and local sales personnel in India.

Currently, over 20 experienced and dedicated professionals are ready to assist customers in the subcontinent and in Asia and Benninger also held customer seminars in Tirupur and Ludhiana.

Benninger Seminar held at Tirupur.

A game-changing solution in Benninger’s portfolio for discontinuous dyeing is the new FabricMaster, proven in practice to be the fastest, most versatile, and economic jet dyeing machine in the industry.

It produces a wide range of fabrics with unmatched low water consumption levels. Furthermore, it ensures dramatically shorter process times and an excellent first-time-right rate.

The robust and reliable system with its harmonic versatility ensures that customers can process today’s and tomorrow’s fabrics and blends.

Benninger Seminar at Ludhiana

Specifically, the company’s discontinuous dyeing technology has precise control of processes and chemical distribution (DDS, CDS and PDSD).

The technology sets new standards for shortened process times, and accuracy in maintaining the required batch sizes, weight and liquor ratio.

The carbon footprint of the FabricMaster is designed to be the future industry benchmark for sustainability.

The latest Benninger fabric singeing machine, known as the SingeRay, lays the foundation for uniform quality to produce a perfectly dyed and finished fabric.

The high-performance burner ensures a flame with high energy density over the complete width, for incomparable singeing effects.

Its unique flame width setting allows finishers to work with even smaller fabric widths economically, saving energy.

Thanks to the super-smart burner design, which also prevents deformation due to its 2×2 cooling system, it ensures longevity.

The SingeRay is made in Germany and certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) to the highest safety standards.

For knitted fabric processing, Benninger’s Knitline solutions are installed at more than 120 mills worldwide, demonstrating great standards of performance with demineralisation and bleaching.

Recent technical enhancements have made a significant contribution to reducing operating costs for users.

The full range of Benninger technology includes well-established solutions for all aspects of open-width wet processing, as well as discontinuous fabric dyeing.

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