July 13, 2024

Innovative Knitting Solutions By Mayer & Cie., Stole The Show At ITM 2024

Mayer & Cie., showcased its latest circular knitting portfolio at the ITM in Istanbul, highlighting the SF4 3.2 III, Relanit 3.2 HS II, and innovative solutions for efficiency. Tools like knithawk, for detecting knitting defects, and knitlink, Mayer & Cie’s digital hub, garnered significant interest. Despite a subdued industry presence at ITM, feedback on these advancements was positive.

Benjamin Mayer, Managing Partner of the company said, “Visitor numbers were lower than in 2022, but our smart solutions intrigued large knitting mills and integrated companies.”

The Relanit 3.2 HS II offers high productivity and reliability, particularly with recycled yarns, and boasts up to one-third lower energy consumption compared to conventional machines. Its new open-width take-down system, featuring separate drives for tensioning and rewinding, ensures uniform pull-off tension. Innovations like a needle with a predetermined breaking point and a new spring sinker, developed with Groz-Beckert, reduce downtimes, noise, and wear.

The SF4-3.2 III caters to the growing demand for lightweight, elastic three-thread fleece fabrics, impressing with its excellent plating ability, saving time and costs in fabric finishing.

The new Control 5.0 system, integral to knitlink, was showcased on both machines. It includes a Smart Knob for essential functions and allows deeper settings via mobile devices, enabling simultaneous operation of multiple machines. Machines from 2001 onwards can be retrofitted, with new models to feature this system from 2024.

knithawk inspects fabric in real-time, halting the machine upon detecting significant or recurring errors and creating an error log, conserving resources by preventing defective fabric production.

Mayer & Cie., also offers upgrade and conversion kits, bringing new technology to existing machines, such as the Performance Kit for Relanit 3.2 models and the Senso Blue RS lubrication system.

Benjamin Mayer concluded saying, “Thanks to our long-standing representative Mayer Mümessillik, our Turkish customers receive reliable support for machine conversions, digital solutions, and new installations.”

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