December 5, 2023
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Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology Redefines Possibilities of Inkjet Technology

Historically, inkjet printing has faced limitations when it comes to handling fluids with viscosities between 10 to 25cP. However, Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology has shattered these constraints, enabling the use of fluids with viscosities of up to 100cP at jetting temperature (approximately 1000cP at room temperature). This breakthrough is reshaping the landscape of inkjet printing, unlocking new possibilities and delivering substantial advantages across various applications.

This innovation is empowering the development of novel fluids for inkjet printing, offering access to the numerous benefits of digital printing. Whether it is enhancing print quality at higher speeds or improving material properties to boost process efficiency, functionality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, the ability to jet a wide range of high-viscosity, high-particle-loaded fluids is driving transformative change on multiple fronts.

Professionals in research and development, technology, process engineering and product management who are currently involved in or considering inkjet applications in packaging, labels, corrugate, textiles, and more are invited to register their interest in attending this exclusive event. However, the available spots at Xaar’s Open Day are limited. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness first-hand what is achievable with inkjet through practical demonstrations showcasing various aqueous, UV and solvent fluids being jetted.

Karl Forbes, Group R&D Director at Xaar, emphasized, “With our latest technologies, many of the traditional boundaries of what can, or cannot, be printed by inkjet are no longer relevant. Our Open Day will help people see what is now possible using fluids with higher viscosities and a higher particle loading, with demonstrations showcasing how Xaar’s inkjet can now unleash opportunities in so many new sectors and applications. In what will no doubt be an informative and engaging event, we very much look forward to showing visitors more on 7th November and helping them find their inkjet opportunity.”

Xaar’s Open Day is scheduled just ahead of the FuturePrint Tech ‘Digital Print for Manufacturing’ conference in Cambridge on the 8th and 9th of November. At the conference, Xaar’s Group R&D Director, Karl Forbes, will also present his talk titled, ‘Seeing Is Believing.’

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