June 17, 2024

ZDHC Workshop Empowers Tiruppur Textile Industry For Sustainable Growth

On April 12th, 2024, the ZDHC South Asia region hosted a highly informative workshop at Poppy’s Vista Hotel in Tiruppur, centred on the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme for textile manufacturers. This initiative is designed to steer the industry toward sustainable chemical management practices.

Key highlights of the workshop include –

ZDHC Guidelines and Solutions: Saket Kulkarni provided an in-depth overview of the guidelines and solutions offered by ZDHC for sustainable chemical management. He outlined the necessary steps for textile manufacturers to implement these practices. Additionally, Dr Smita Bait shed light on existing and forthcoming guidelines concerning fibers.

Sustainable Chemistry Solutions: Maitri Vyas from Jay Chemicals delved into sustainable chemistry solutions specifically tailored for the textile sector.

ZDHC Programme Implementation: Ramya Kandiyoor from Leadership and Sustainability presented effective strategies for implementing the ZDHC programme. Her insights provided manufacturers with a clear roadmap towards sustainability.

Best Practices: Arun, representing Eastman Exports, shared the company’s successful chemical management practices aligned with the ZDHC programme.

In addition to these discussions, S. Periasamy outlined an upcoming comprehensive project by UNIDO in collaboration with GEF and MoT. This project aims to address environmental concerns within Tiruppur’s textile industries, particularly focusing on the reduction of hazardous chemicals.

The workshop, sponsored by Jay Chemicals and Leadership & Sustainability, attracted 115 participants. It served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among textile manufacturers, industry experts and organizations dedicated to forging a sustainable future.

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