July 13, 2024

Standard Textile Launches Take-Back Recycling Programme To Promote Sustainability

Standard Textile Co., Inc., a global leader in healthcare and hospitality textiles, has introduced its Take-Back Recycling Programme, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship while providing customers a convenient solution for responsible linen disposal.

Melanie Boyle, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Standard Textile, expressed excitement about the programme, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce our Take-Back Recycling Programme, aligning with our mission to promote sustainability. Partnering with our customers allows us to significantly reduce waste and explore circularity with our products.”

The programme welcomes retired linens back to Standard Textile for repurposing or downcycling into products like carpet padding or automobile insulation. Before the official launch, Standard Textile conducted a pilot with two hospitality customers operating over 35 properties nationwide from 2022 to 2023. Paul DeFruscio, EVP, Asset, of one participating customer, AVE, praised the initiative, stating, “Being invited to participate in the pilot of their Take-Back Recycling programme has added another dimension to our partnership. We’ve diverted over 3,000 pounds of linens from landfills since 2022.”

Standard Textile has invited participation from its nationwide hospitality customers, with plans to expand to other markets. While a minimal fee covers freight and processing, enrollment is simple. Customers can contact Standard Textile representatives for details on enrollment and proper linen return procedures.

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