December 6, 2023

Americhem Launches Campaign Titled ‘Sustainability Enabler’

Supplier of innovative polymer solutions Americhem has announced a global campaign called ‘Americhem, a Sustainability Enabler’.

This campaign aims to increase awareness of sustainability and help key business stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals.

Americhem is focusing its sustainability efforts in three areas, Process, Product, and People and in the past few decades, the company has achieved many milestones in these areas.

One example is Americhem’s Denmark plant which pioneered a Cold Pounding technology that reduces energy usage by up to 85 percent and cuts emissions by up to 20 percent as against conventional processes.

The facility is also powered solely by wind and solar energy from RECs Certified suppliers.

In the US, Americhem is recognised as an Operation Clean Sweep member, with many sites having pledged to achieve zero resin pellet, flake, and powder loss to help keep materials out of the marine environment.

In addition, Americhem’s plants embrace recycling-compliant packaging, collaborating with customers for the reuse of packaging materials including plastic drums.

On the product front, Americhem has developed numerous technologies that empower customers to attain their sustainability objectives.

Solution Dyeing, a technology used in the carpet and textile production processes, eliminates the need for excessive water usage and reduces carbon emissions significantly compared to traditional dyeing.

Americhem’s flagship additive masterbatch, Nbalance allows post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, which have a yellow tint, to be restored to PET PCR that visually mimics virgin PET.

This technology has been widely adopted by the food packaging industry, as it maintains the visual appeal for products like water bottles by ensuring clarity, while enabling recycling and enhancing sustainability.

Americhem also offers natural-based colour and additive masterbatches for the garment, renewable energy, and consumer goods industries.

“At Americhem, sustainability is our driving force. We are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow through our eco-friendly masterbatch and compounding solutions,” John Richard, Americhem’s CEO said.

“Our mission is clear. Minimise environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and foster innovation,” he added.

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