December 4, 2023
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Armedangels Unveils 100% Recycled Denim Line – DetoxDenim

Armedangels, which manufactures and markets sustainable lifestyle garments has launches its first 100 percent recycled denim line, DetoxDenim.

DetoxDenim has been produced with 100 percent recycled cotton, made up of 80 percent pre- consumer and 20 percent post-consumer waste.

By scanning a QR code sewn into the denim a customer gets access to Aware Virtual ID, a digital product passport, which allows the customer to follow the whole product journey.

According to Armedangels, the reuse of cotton saves carbon emissions, land use, energy and water consumption required to cultivate virgin cotton.

The brand also claims that all denims are PETA approved vegan, because the patches aren’t made with leather but Jacron.

Founded in 2007, Armedangels is a German sustainable fashion brand that focuses on producing ethical and environmentally friendly clothing.

The brand has received several certifications and awards, which includes the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification as well as the Fairtrade certification.

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