December 6, 2023

Bangladesh Textile & Garment Sector Tops FDI Chart In FY’23

US $1.22 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) was received by the Bangladesh textile and garment industry and it was the topper among FDI received by various sectors in the country in fiscal 2023.

According to Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, the country received $3.2 billion as FDI in fiscal ending June 2023, which was lower by 7 percent as against the earlier fiscal.

South Korea was the biggest investor in the textile and garment sector at $435 million. Hong Kong came second with $174 million, followed by China and India at $112 million and $54 million, respectively.

FDI from UK amounted to $622 million, followed by South Korea with $603 million and Netherlands at $512 million when taking into consideration overall FDI inflow in to the South Asian country.

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