December 6, 2023
Technical Textile & Nonwoven

Beaulieu Focusing On Sustainable Geotextiles AT ICG Rome

Beaulieu International Group will focus on geotextile products with sustainability benefits which support civil engineering projects at the 12th ICG Rome, which will be held from September 18-21, 2023.

For manufacturers of nonwoven geotextiles, the company offers PP fibres with 25 percent carbon footprint reduction, compared to the European standard PP fibres, generating 1.48 kg CO2/kg PP fibres.

A step further is to accelerate the replacement of fossil carbon in engineered fibre applications by choosing its ISCC Plus certified bio-attributed MONO-PP with a negative carbon footprint.

“For construction projects, nonwoven geotextiles made with high-tenacity HT8 fibres are proven to secure a longer service lifetime and reduce the environmental impact, as they offer high mechanical performance at a reduced weight,” Beaulieu said.

Depending on weight, the carbon footprint of its woven geotextiles in sq. metres ranges between 0.37 and 1.40 kg CO2 eq./m², while also minimising use of natural resources for more sustainable infrastructure development.

The launch of its new line Terralys MF woven filtration geotextiles with monofilament boosts the performance of a common solution in building layers that require high water flow rates.

High-tenacity extruded polypropylene tapes and monofilaments are interwoven to form dimensionally stable and highly permeable geotextiles.

These new filtration geotextiles provide greater resistance to dirt and biological clogging. They allow water to travel freely while reducing soil erosion when employed as a separation and stabilising layer.

As of September 2023, all PP staple fibres and woven geotextiles will have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) based on LCAs.

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