June 17, 2024

Brazilian Delegation Visits Indonesia To Boost Cotton Exports

A Brazilian delegation, representing the Brazilian Cotton Producers Association (Abrapa) was in Indonesia to boost exports of Brazilian cotton to Indonesia.

A Cotton Brazil Outlook seminar was also held in Jakarta which brought together more than 60 high ranking officials from various textile mills.

The objective was to strengthen commercial relations and identify new opportunities for commercial collaboration between the two countries.

“Over the years, Brazilian cotton has shown resilience in terms of competitiveness and has held a good share of the Indonesian market,” Bruno Breitenbach, Brazilian agricultural attaché in Indonesia said.

During the 2022-23 Brazilian cotton season, 23 percent of Indonesia’s cotton imports originated in Brazil which totaled to 362,000 tons of cotton.

“Currently, Indonesia is ranked as the seventh largest importer of cotton in the world,” Abrapa President Alexandre Schenkel said during the seminar.

“Indonesia is a country with the greatest history of trust in Brazilian products and which are part of the Indonesian textile industry,” he emphasised.

One of the distinguishing features of Brazilian cotton farming is the traceability of the product from the farm to the processing plant.

Additionally, the harvest is entirely mechanized in the country, which helps avoid contamination of the product.

“In the 2023/24 season, Brazil improved in all cotton quality indicators in relation to the previous harvest,” the Abrapa President highlighted.

He further added that 100 percent of the fibre produced undergoes laboratory analysis using high-volume equipment, which is an international fibre classification standard.

Brazil is currently the third largest producer and second largest exporter of cotton in the world and is estimated to ship 2.34 million tons in the 2023-24 cotton season.

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