July 16, 2024

CCI Launches COTTON USA Mill Performance Index™ At ITMA 2023

A Groundbreaking Mill Benchmarking Tool that Proves U.S. Cotton’s Superiority

COTTON USA Mill Performance Index: An essential new benchmarking tool for spinning mills was launched at ITMA 2023 that allows mills to evaluate their performance vis-à-vis others and definitively show the positive impact of US cotton.

“The benchmarking capability of this tool from Cotton Council International (CCI) has the potential to transform a mill’s performance,” said Bruce Atherley, Executive Director of CCI. “The COTTON USA Mill Performance Index shows how mills compare to their direct competition and how sourcing US cotton ultimately increases productivity and provides higher yields,” stated Atherley.

The COTTON USA Mill Performance Index anonymously collects data from participating spinning mills and gives performance measurements across five key cost drivers: material yield, machine productivity, labour productivity, efficiency management and energy management. Data security is a top priority and anonymity is guaranteed.

The launch of this exclusive tool at ITMA 2023 follows a successful pilot programme involving 47 mills across 13 countries. The pilot showed US cotton increased labour productivity and led to better running conditions/less ends down, higher yield in combed and carded yarns, higher machine productivity and higher spindle speed.

The COTTON USA Mill Performance Index is available on an invitation-only basis to spinning mills that are members of the US Cotton Trust Protocol® and consume at least 10,000 bales of US Upland and Supima cotton.

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